Touring company

Wichita Children's Theatre & Dance center tours three shows
October through February
throughout  Kansas, nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas or Colorado. 

all three shows are available at every location.
The 2018/2019 Season will be published soon. 
Each show is geared towards different age groups.
please call us to inquire more about prices and opportunities.

Recommended for Pre-K - 2nd Grade 

Based on the well-known fairy tale, this show teaches about how to be a friend and controlling your temper. 
Cavity Crisis in Cowtown
​Recommended for 3rd grade

A fun, fast-paced Molar'drama, where kids cheer the Hero and Book-Hiss the Villain. Cavity Crisis teached the young audiences about dental health. 
The Mark Twain Show: Stories of his writings
​Recommended for 4th-5th Grades

An artful array of his most humorous writings, wittiest quotes and even some of his most gripping dramas.